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Play the Best / Look the Best


PC Gamers love to have the best – so why not look the best? You might already have a fantastic Thermaltake case and outstanding hardware, but in order to make that stunning impact – you need to go the extra mile. Visual flare and case lighting is always subjective – everybody has a different look they want to achieve or dream to create. Thanks to our world class range of case modification accessories - Thermaltake empowers users to be able to build the look they’ve always wanted.


Stand out from the crowd.

When the lights go down – make sure your PC is the one that looks jaw-dropping . A PC that’s carefully fitted with an array of LED’s can make a lasting impression. Thermaltake offers LED strip lighting in a variety of colours to suit your needs. With easy installation into most cases - LED lighting effortlessly creates a gorgeous and captivating visual appearance. Whether you combine your lighting with a powerful water cooled system, or a micro sized builds – there’s something for everyone.


Premium Built and Designed.

Thermaltake makes installation easy. Our LED accessories are premium built, taking careful consideration in our design work to ensure users get the right look and fit. Our LED strips come with a high density 3MTM adhesive flexible back sticker allowing easy connectivity into your systems chassis. We also only use EPISTAR high density LED’s - built with extreme energy efficiency and a lifetime rating of 35,000 hours. To cap it off, we also implement a versatile 4-pin Molex header lighting connection - which opens up limitless expandability of your LED strip.

Upgrade Today.

To finish everything off – it’s always great to have a matching style. Thermaltake has a range of high performance LED case fans in a wide variety of colours. Our PURE and Luna range of coolers all come with the ability to install your choice of LED lighting to suit your style. Make the jump - upgrade your system today with Thermaltake LED fans.