What You Can Expect with DDR5 RAM DDR5 RAM is coming to Australia and overseas in 2020. Tech-lovers, computer enthusiasts and gaming extraordinaries have been eagerly awaiting the newest DDR, since it was announced in 2017 that the device was being worked on. So, as we await its launch, let talk about everything we know and what you can expect from the DDR5 RAM. How Does DDR5 Compare to The DDR4? It has been noted that DDR5 will have twice the performance of the DDR4, with impressive figures rumoured. The design of the DDR5 RAM is set to include double density and double speed of the first generation DDR4-3200 modules. This basically means that the DDR5 will be able to accommodate 32gb of data in the space of 16gb – which is what PC dreams are basically made of. In addition, it is believed that the DDR5 will be able to reach at least 6400Mhz in consumer options, but there is also the very likely possibility of much higher speeds thanks to aftermarket overclocking. DDR5 RAM Price Prediction While there is currently no price attached to the DDR5 or RGB DDR5 Ram, that has not stopped us all from trying to guess! We can confidently assume it will cost more than the DDR4, thanks to its superfast memory advancements, but aside from that we can’t put a monetary value on it yet. In similar fashion, we know little about the availability of the DDR5 RAM but from what we have seen in the past we are likely to see its arrival in the mobile community first via Samsung and Micron in the LPDDR5 variety. Stay Connected While We Await the DDR5 Does your memory storage need an upgrade? Thermaltake Group offers a varied range of RAM products such as RGB memory, liquid cooling memory, mainstream memory and accessory and upgrade kit. While we wait for the DDR5 RAM to officially launch, explore the range of products we offer. From power supply items, to the Toughgram Z-One RGB Memory DDR4 3200mhz 16gb and H-One Gaming Memory DDR4 3200mhz 8gb – we have you covered. At Thermaltake Group we offer comprehensive warranty on all of our products so you can shop with confidence. If you would like to talk to our team or find out more about any of or items, feel free to send through an online enquiry form or give us a call on (03) 9544 6587.