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BlacX Duet 5G

  • Blazing-fast USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data transfer – maximum transfer rate of up to 5.0 Gbps.
  • Backward-Compatible with USB 2.0 (Max: 480 Mbps) & USB 1.1 (Max: 12 Mbps).
  • Premium shielded USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable – corrosion resistant plating & heavy gauge wires for years of reliable use.
  • Simultaneously read and write two hard drives at the same time.
  • Plug&Play Installation – no software needed and ready to work in seconds.
  • Hot-Swap Capability for rapid multi-HDDs access & exchange.
  • Open docking station design maximizes heat dissipation.
  • Windows & Mac OS compatible.
  • Windows 7 32bits & 64bits ready.
  • The Thermaltake BlacX Duet 5G is compatible with all 2.5” and 3.5” storage capacities - however users need to ensure they’re running a 64bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista or above in order to utilize drives above 2.2TB in size. Users also need to ensure they have a EFI/UEFI BIOS system. The EFI technology component enables full utilization of drives greater than 2.2TB - also known as GPT or GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier) Partition Table. The GPT replaces and overwrites the older MBR (Master Boot Record) scheme - which is subject to the 2.2TB limit, allowing you to use drives greater than 2.2TB in size.

(a) BlacX Duet 5G Docking Station
(b) Power port
(c) USB 3.0 connector
(d) HDD power/ Activity LED
(e) HDD release button
(f) USB 3.0 LED Indicator