P/N: CL-N001-PL14BU-A
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Massive 14² Notebook Cooler
Massive 14² Laptop cooling pad, built with two 14cm LED fans at the bottom enables laptop cooling capacity pushed to extreme. The ergonomic design of appearance and the most comfortable viewing angle while using are suitable for 17-inch or relative types of laptop.
Dual fan double performance
Two 14cm LED fans built in the middle of Massive 14² for maximum speed up to 1200 RPM, enabling laptop to produce cold air and create the best cooling performance.
Easy control on the side
The fan speed controller and LED lighting switch located at the side of the cooling pad enables an intuitive fan speed adjustment helping create a balanced cooling performance.
Ergonomic Humanity

Massive 14² designed with all the ergonomic concept, test out three appropriate ways for user, with the best visual angle and the height position of the hand, it is totally comfortable.

Hexagon shape mesh for maximize airflow
Large area of hexagonal shape cooling mesh reduces wind resistance and wind noise, increase airflow through the area. Supports all 17-inch and below of the major laptops in market.
Dual USB port
Massive 14² equipped with 2 USB2.0 ports for easy additional USB devices.