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Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold
Performance built for gamers and hardware enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in flare and customisation - our Thermaltake Toughpower RGB Gold Series sets your PC apart from the rest like no other. Offering you exceptional 80® PLUS Gold certified power efficiency, the Toughpower RGB Gold Series melds gorgeous 360° RGB LED lighting with premium Japanese 105°C capacitors for performance tight voltage regulation and uncompromising good looks.

Stand out from the crowd
When you build your next dream PC, your hardware not only needs to perform the best - it needs to look the part too. The Thermaltake ToughPower RGB Gold Series is the world’s first RGB power supply series in the world. Featuring our patented 256 colour RGB LED 140mm fan, you have complete digital calibration control, programmability and RGB adjustment ready to go at your fingertips - all from the comfort of your desktop.


Low-noise Concentrated Compression Fan-Blade
Featuring an internal concentrated compression fan-blade design, your PC stays impressively quiet, cool and efficient - even when under load. Each blade comes custom engineered to focus and pressurise weaker circles of air outwards, resulting in a highly optimised and pressurised airflow that significantly improves thermal performance of the power supply. Hydraulic bearings are fitted to the fan to ensure near silent operation, minimal rotational friction and ultra-low noise. We’ve also included in-mold injected anti-vibration mount pads to the fan to eliminate any vibration noise.

Fully Modular Jet Black Cable Design
The Thermaltake ToughPower RGB Gold Series offers a fully modular design, and comes complete with a set of flat jet-black modular cables. Choose only the cables you need for your build, and do away with poor cable management and routing.

Performance Grade Power that’s reliable
Your hardware deserves reliable power. High quality 100% 105°C Japanese capacitors ensure outstanding performance and power supply reliability. With improved durability, stability and performance grade throughput to your system - you can focus on gaming and overclocking without having to worry.

80 PLUS Gold-Certified and Kaby Lake-Ready
Thermaltake Toughpower RGB Gold Series power supplies come with 80® PLUS Gold certification and deliver up to 91% efficiency under real-world load conditions. Benefit from outstanding power efficiency, reduced excess heat and incredible RGB style and personalisation today.

Thermaltake Toughpower RGB Gold Series power supplies are also guaranteed for compatibility with the latest Intel® 6th Generation Kaby Lake chipsets – and have been optimised to achieve maximum energy efficiency and performance.
Buy with Confidence
The Toughpower DPS G Series is built with industry leading quality control and specifications. This product includes state of the art Over Voltage control and Short-Circuit protection.
Our 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty ensures peace of mind when buying Thermaltake - we have high confidence that our Toughpower DPS G Series PSU will provide you years of enjoyment and unmatched reliability.
Thermaltake is proud to have an office based locally in Melbourne, Australia – so if you have any questions or if anything does go wrong, we’re here to help.

TT Power VR Ready
Toughpower DPS G RGB Series power supplies offer stable and sufficient output voltage for multiple VGA cards and high Capability of different VGA cards for VR system.

Powerful Dedicated +12V Output
Toughpower RGB Gold Series comes equipped with a powerful single +12V rail. Whether you’re overclocking, rendering or gaming running NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire – the Thermaltake Toughpower RGB Gold Series ensures your system has the power it needs to get the job done.
Please see our detailed specification output list below:

Input Voltage: 100V - 240V
Input Current: 10A
Frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz

DC OUTPUT +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 20A




Max Output Power





Continuous Power



The Sound of Silence
Smart Zero Fan technology that’s embedded within our DPS G PC APP 2.0 software allows you benefit from our new Zero Fan mode technology that eliminates audible noise from the power supply. After your power supply reaches 20% load, the fan dynamically cycles on and automatically adjusts its RPM to calibrate and optimise thermal performance and noise.

Smart Power Management Unleashed
The Toughpower RGB Gold Series allows you to delve deep into the heart of your PC’s power usage. Record, access, monitor and manage your power supplies digitally captured data from anywhere and at any time across a range of devices.

Every Toughpower RGB Gold Series power supply is built with a powerful built-in 32bit Microcontroller Unit (MCPU) that allows the power supply itself to perform real-time PC system wattage readouts as well as critical hardware measurements. Get live detailed readouts and recordings of your hardware and energy and performance, right from the source.

SPM Service Architecture
Security Protection – Warning Alert & PC Off Remote Control
Our Smart Power Management platform provides three key alert functions: fan failure, overheating (over 140℉/60℃), and abnormal voltage level (over/under 5% of normal level) warning alerts. Get real-time warnings and updates on your systems stability - even when you’re away from your PC. The platform also automatically detects and pushes warning alerts to your mobile device and email when irregularities are detected, helping you to reduce hardware or component failure before they happen.
In addition to this, the SPM platform also allows you to turn off your PC remotely via the mobile app once you receive a warning alert message.

Security Protection – Scheduled Shutdown
Our Smart Power Management software platform allows you to schedule in your own system shutdowns. You can create a one-time shutdown schedule, or an entire systematic calendar of scheduled shutdowns for your system. Giving you and system administrators the freedom to know that PC’s will have shutdown safely after you’ve left the work office, headed home from school, or closed for scheduled maintenance. Saving not only your back pocket and the environment when you put it to use, but your business and enterprise systems too.
Next-Generation Power Processing
The Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold Series comes with a 32Bit Microcontroller Unit (MCU) from Microchip Technology. The 32Bit MCU is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals. MCU can digitally control devices and processes, such as automobile engine control systems and office machines.


Smart Power Management Reports
Operating a business or enterprise server setups? Let our Thermaltake Smart Power Management Platform do the work for you. Thanks to SPM, you can access the detailed ECO reports and the Energy Consumption Reports to gather and analyse in-depth information relative to your systems operation. Obtain detailed information on CO2 emission and energy consumption by comparing current data with the previous 3 months, 6 months and year on year. You can also easily set energy targets and benchmarks through the included Energy Saving Plan, and track your systems our enterprise systems progress in real-time.
The SPM Platform allows you to control more than just one PC, you can link an unlimited number of PC systems together and run them in an environment ready for system administrators and network administrators. Create sub level access accounts, and manage your network of PC’s energy saving targets better than ever before.
Power Usage Behaviour reports provide a comprehensive analysis and detailed system performance breakdown of our digital SPM enabled Thermaltake power supplies – which includes the Toughpower RGB Gold Series. Reports can also recommend suitable power supply wattages for optimum efficiency, show and report specific hardware failures, and give you the complete picture of how your PC system or network is performing how you want it, when you want it.

Smart Power Management Features


Cloud Management

DPS G Mobile App

Monitor PSU in real-time ECO report Data analysis
Fan speed control Energy consumption report Warning alert
RGB LED control Energy saving plan PC off remote control
Collect data Efficiency/wattage user behavior report  
Warning alert PC Off Remote Control  
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